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Forum Rules

Post by Discovery » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:00 pm

Forum Rules

[1] Respect the Forum Staff

All of the forum staff are volunteers and offer their free time to keep the forum running smoothly. Any decision made by an administrator or moderator is final.
Do not argue with Staff directly in a topic; if you wish to discuss an issue, contact through the PM (Private Message) system.

[2] Do not be Offensive or Abusive

This includes usernames, avatars, signatures, PM's and posts.
Offensive material, such as strong language or derogatory terms, is generally prohibited. Exceptions are subjects such as joke threads of which the swear word is applicable to the context of the joke. Hate speech, as defined as an attack on religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other self-identifiable group, is not tolerated.
Adult content such as obscenity and pornography are not allowed.
Name calling or messages that personally attack other users is classed as abuse and will not be tolerated. This will result in a warning and possible ban if the warnings are ignored.
No politics or religious topics in the main forums. We have a separate section for this and you must ask an administrator for access rights if you wish to join.
Messages that contain sensitive religious or political topics may be removed if they incite far too emotional and personal debate.
No slagging off of other forum sites.

[3] Please do not post thread text in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.

[4] Please refrain from posting images larger than 800x600. This is considerate to members with slow internet speeds, mobile devices, plus it keeps the forum looking tidy.

[5] The forum language is English only! Please only post in other languages using the PM (Private Message) system.

[6] No Spam or Advertisements

This includes posts, in a signature, or in the user's personal profile website field. If you have a question concerning what is acceptable, please ask a Staff member.
The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed, the user warned if necessary and the possible deletion of the spammer account.
Do not respond to spam, simply report it and allow it to be dealt with by the forum staff.

[7] No Illegal activity

Any requests for help pertaining to illicit activities is prohibited and will not be tolerated (i.e., piracy, counterfeiting, malicious hacking). Requesting, distributing, or linking to such illegal material is forbidden.

[8] Do not Troll the forum

Trolling consists of messages that contain inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages, being deliberately sarcastic or to purposely antagonise the user(s) of the forum, or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. It serves no purpose other than for the enjoyment of the troll and will not be tolerated.

[9] Bumping

Posting one word to bump a topic is generally discouraged. Try to be patient for an answer.

[10] Report Bad Posts

The forum staff cannot moderate every single post and message, it is inevitable that some inappropriate posts are missed. If you see a post in violation of the Forum Rules, please report it. Topics can be reported by clicking on the exclamation mark "!" button at the top of a post.

[11] Banning

All users in direct violation of the Forum Rules will be given warnings where necessary. In extreme cases, such as messages containing hate speech or pornography, the user may be banned without further notice.

[12] Editing / Removing Posts

Posts in violation of the Forum Rules can be edited at a moderator's discretion. Whether posts are edited or removed, a warning will be issued. If posts are removed, a copy will be retained in the Staff archive. Persistent non-compliance with the Forum Rules will lead to a ban.

[13] Locking / Removing Topics

If a topic deteriorates to a stage where those taking part become too personally involved, in cases of heated debate, trolling, etc; the topic may be locked without notice at a moderator's discretion. Warnings will be given when appropriate. When topics are removed, a copy will be retained in the Staff archive.
Cross-posting of identical topics in different forum sections will result in deletion of the copied topics, or with the topics being merged.

[14] Moving Topics / Splitting Topics

Topics may be moved to more appropriate sections of the forum when necessary, please do not be offended!
Posts may be split from a topic and given their own thread or merged with another thread where applicable.
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