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Is your machine running slow?  Do pop-ups keep coming up on the page?  Have you lost your internet connection?  If so, your computer may be suffering from a virus and / or spyware infestation.  There are some nasty viruses around at the moment.  If your machine is running slow or you are concerned that you may have a virus, please contact us on 0121 733 7110.




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computer memoryIf your machine is getting a bit tired and you find it will not work with the latest applications, games, etc or is just a bit slow because of the age of the computer, we can offer a number of different upgrade paths.  These range from just increasing the system memory to supplying a completely new machine.  A general rule for upgrading is; what do you want to use the computer for and with what applications?  With this information we can then give a cost-effective upgrade path most suitable for your needs.

hard driveexternal hard drive                    


CJ Office Services PDF Print E-mail

We can now offer a number of office related solutions for individuals and businesses.  Please contact us on 0121 733 7140 for more details of what services we can offer.



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